The Mini-Masseuse™ Pro

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The Mini-Masseuse™ Pro Pro Series Hands Free Massager Relieves Muscle Tension • Muscle Tightness/Knots

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Revolutionary, Patented 21st century technology has allowed The Mini-Masseuse™ Massager unit the ability to re-create the feeling of an actual massage session.

Similar technology has been used by physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and sports trainers for various medical and therapeutic needs.

Experience the copyright protected, ultra smooth, deep tissue massage sensations of the lightweight, portable Mini-Masseuse™Massager.

How Does It Work?

The Mini-Masseuse™ Massager uses a copyright protected, patent pending design using electronic stimulation to create blood flow, releasing natural endorphins to relieve stress and help with pain relief.

Relieve your Pain

Relieve your pain drug-free with The Mini-Masseuse™ Pro. A portable massager, similar to a TENS unit, this product is powerful and effective, with no doctor’s prescription needed. PLEASE READ Mini-Masseuse™ Medical Precautions

Powerful and Effective

The Mini-Masseuse™ Pro muscle stimulator is more effective than most other portable massagers. Weighing approximately half a pound, the Mini-Masseuse™ Pro massager can go anywhere.

The Mini-Masseuse™ Pro is Listed and Registered with the FDA as a Massage Device and is a high-quality product at a low price of $119.95 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

The Mini-Masseuse™ Pro is a safe alternative to NSAIDs that can help you find relief from back pain or tension headaches. Once you try it, share your success story with your friends.

Features seven massage sensations and ten new power options. The unit can use a USB Adapter (included) for direct computer power, AC Adapter (included) or 3 AAA batteries (included). No other massager can compare in quality, sensations or price.

Each Mini-Masseuse™ Pro Unit Includes:

1 Mini-Masseuse Pro Unit 1 Set of Large Massage Pads 1 Set of Small Massage Pads Pad Wires AC Adapter USB Adapter Gift Box 2 year Limited Warranty Operating/Information Pamphlet

PLEASE READ Mini-Masseuse™ Medical Precautions

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